Field testing of volatile substances in olive groves

In three experimental olive groves, one in the inland, on the coast and on the island of Brač, selected volatile substances are tested in such a way that one selected volatile substance is placed in each delta trap in 4 repetitions, as stipulated in the project contract. In each olive grove, control delta traps with hexane were set up, as well as delta traps with pheromone for the olive moth in order to monitor the flight of the pest throughout the flight season of the same. These traps are changed every 7 days, rotated in each olive grove, and the results of the olive moth catch are read (Figure 1 – 7). In the other three selected olive groves, in which the attraction of the olive fly will be tested, yellow sticked traps with an olive fly pheromone were placed (Figures 8 and 9). Once a week, the flight is monitored and the results of the population are read, in order to set up an experiment with combined traps and selected volatile substances for the specified pest.

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